Misty Edwards ALWAYS ON HIS MIND Album

Track Song Rating  
1 See The Way Key – A# Key – C Key – G
2 Favorite One Key – D Key – G  
3 Always On His Mind Key – A# Key – C Key – G
4 What Only You Can Do Key – C  
5 I Will Run Key – D Key – G  
6 As In The Days of Noah Key – D  
7 Baptize My Heart Key – A# Key – C Key – G
8 I Am Yours Key – D  


Always On His Mind – 3/5 Stars

Misty Edwards is one of my favorite worship artists.  The instruments and melodies that she has in her songs are more unique than the typical worship song.   I give this album a 65%, which is really good since it seems like on most albums it’s just one or two good songs.  I rate this not just by the melody, but by the song’s relation to the bible.

2005 – Always On His Mind

01 See The Way – Good (4/5) – Catchy, but it’s a “romantic” one
02 Favorite One – Ok (3/5) – but weird to say I’m His favorite
03 Always On His Mind – Pretty Good (3/5) – Sounds good, but somethings about it I don’t know if I agree with.
04 What Only You Can Do – Alright (2/5) – Good for driving. I don’t agree with it’s meaning though; somewhat unbiblical.
05 I Will Run – Awesome (5/5) – Simple & powerful, but with one strange part.
06 As In The Days of Noah – Bad (1/5) – It’s a haunting song that I would expect to hear in a poetry bar BUT only 1 main chord is played, there’s not much structure, AND the bible doesn’t say It never rained before Noah built the ark.
07 Baptize My Heart – Great (5/5) – A sad and touching intro, catchy chorus, and subtle finish. It will stay in your head.
08 I Am Yours – Pretty Good (3/5) – Catchy. Starts slow and builds.


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