Favorite One – Misty Edwards





Jesus, here I am your favorite one
What are You thinking, what are You feeling?  I have to know

For I – am after Your heart – I’m after Your heart – I am after You

And I’ll crown You with my love

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No verses are related to this song.  As a comment however, the bible doesn’t say Jesus has favorites.  Teaching that I’m God’s favorite one is something I’ve heard from Bill Johnson’s church in Redding California called Bethel.  It feels weird for me to say those words.  God does favor people (Luke 1:28), it’s impossible to please God without faith (Heb 11:6), and there are levels of faith; great faith and little faith.  I assume the greater the faith, the more we please Him, but I’m not going to say to any person, “I’m God’s favorite”; implying He likes them less than me.


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