Topic List

Here’s a list of all the topics that have been submitted to this site so far!  There are more to come, so check back often!  NEW: MP3 pod casts are being added below!  Check them out!

LAST UPDATED: 05/23/2014   —  added “Hell – Did Jesus Go to Hell?”

Animals – Do They Have Spirits and/or Souls? MP3 PDF
Baptism of Fire – Good or Bad? MP3 PDF
Baptism – Why Only Immersion Is Right PDF
Born Sinners – Are We Born Into Sin? PDF
David – How Old Was He When He Fought The Giant? PDF
Death – Where We Go When We Die MP3 PDF
Elisha, The Children, and The Bears PDF
Evolution vs. Creationsim MP3 PDF
Forsake All, Sell Everything, Leave Family, & Follow Jesus PDF
God Is NOT Everywhere & Doesn’t Know Everything MP3 PDF
Hell – Did Jesus Go To Hell?
Hell – What The Bible Says About It (Where It Is) PDF
Homosexuality – Why Jesus Never Talked About It MP3 PDF
Job, The Book of – God Did Not Give Satan Power PDF
Jonah Died In The Whale MP3 PDF
Judas – Is He In Heaven Or Hell? PDF
Kingdom of Heaven & God the Same MP3 PDF
Long Lifespan in Genesis – Living 900 Years PDF
Musical Instruments – Wrong In Worship? MP3 PDF
Reincarnation – What The Bible Says About It PDF
Satan – How He became the god of This World PDF
Sin – How to Sin 101 MP3 PDF
Sinless Perfection – Is It Possible? PDF
Soul Mates – What The Bible Says About MP3 PDF
Soverignty – Limitations of God MP3 PDF
Storms NOT From God MP3 PDF
Suicide – An Unforgivable Sin? PDF
Testimony – Kent Owen
Top 10 Most Interesting Books of the Bible

05/01/2014 – Thanks for checking out the topics!  This site has been up for almost 1/2 a year now!  I’ve been slow to make new topics, because I’ve been spending most of my time making MP3 recordings for the older topics.  In the future, I plan to release new topics with their individual MP3 in the same day.

Another note: I’ve been busy working on a study bible that I plan to post on this site when the Gospel portion is done.  It’s hard work, but fun, and I’m learning a lot as I make it.  I’ve noticed that most people find their way to this site through the Hymn Archive.  It’s actually something that I wanted to do as a side thing, but if it’s the main way people get to the site, then i’ll probably try to get more of those done.  Whatever gets folks here, ya know?