Top 10 Most Interesting Books of the Bible

This is my personal list of which books of the bible I found most interesting.  These books may not be the most foundational (that is another top 10 list) but they are what I think are the most interesting.

Top 10 Most Interesting Books of the Bible


#10 – 1st & 2nd Thessalonians

Did you know that 1st and 2nd Thessalonians were Paul’s first two epistles, making them the earliest writings of the New Testament?  That’s not why they’re made the top 10 list though.  The people of Thessalonica thought that Jesus had already come back and gone.   1st Thessalonians mentions the resurrection of the just and the rapture towards the end of the book to assure the people that the resurrection and rapture hadn’t already accrued.  However, false teachers still taught that it had already passed, so Paul wrote his second letter to them.  2nd Thessalonians talks about “the son of perdition” or “the man of sin” who is the Anti-Christ


#9 – Isaiah

Is a fairly long book (66 chapters), but there are very important parts inside.  Isaiah talked about the coming and sufferings of the messiah as well as what will happen in end time events.  Jesus probably quoted Isaiah more than any other prophet.


#8 – Job

The book of Job might be an explanation for why bad things happen to good people.  The most interesting part is in the first 2 chapters where Satan goes to God to have a conversation.  Many people think God gives Satan permission to do bad things in the life of a Christian, but God did not give Satan permission over Job; Satan already had the power.  Satan wanted God to “stretch out” HIS OWN hand against Job.  Asking permission is out of Satan’s rebellious character.


#7 – Romans

Romans has got to be the most important book of the bible.  The Gospels are the story of Jesus’ life and death, but Romans spells out why Jesus was born, why He died, how it affects us, and what we must to get eternal life.


#6 – Acts

The book of Acts follows the lives of Jesus’ disciples after He had gone up into the sky.  It focuses on the beginning of the Church and miraculous life of Peter and the disciples.  By about chapter 8, Saul (later called Paul) was introduced and about Acts 13, he becomes the main character (also a miracle worker).


#5 – Ezekiel

Ezekiel is a weird and interesting book that contains several supernatural elements.  It introduces the 4 “living creatures” with six wings and four faces (same as Revelation) who carry the chariot that God rides on.  It prophesies about some events at that time that have already passed and end time events as well.


#4 – Exodus

The book of Exodus is arguably the most foundational book of the OT.  It’s main character is Moses who, instead of being executed as a baby, was adopted by the princess of Pharaoh.  After running away in his adulthood, Moses was called by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  When Pharaoh rejected his request, 10 supernatural plagues were put on Egypt.  The book follows with the 10 commandments on Mt. Sinai, the law given to Moses, and the 40 years of wandering in the desert with God.


#3 – The Gospels

The 4 books follow the supernatural life of Jesus and His disciples to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead.  All gospels rank here, but if I had to chose, the order of interest would be John, Luke, Matthew, & Mark.  John was one of 3 disciples who were closest to Jesus, and his gospel is so very different than the other 3.  Luke was a doctor who traveled with Paul.  He was also the author of Acts, which is why I rank this book higher than the other 2.  Matthew is the longest of them all with 28 chapters, he included a few stories not found in the other gospels.  Mark was the cousin of Paul, and wrote the shortest gospel, however, his gospel sometimes has more detail than Matthew or Luke.


#2 – Genesis

Probably the one question we all ask is, “Where are we from and why are we here?”  Genesis is the beginning of everything.  In it, God made the universe, the world, and humanity.  Man sinned and fell, then grew more and more evil, reproducing with angels to make giants.  God flooded the world and after humanity grew, He confused people’s languages at the tower of Babel when they disobeyed God.  The rest of the book focuses on Abraham and his descendants, but the most interesting part of Genesis has got to be the first eleven chapters.


#1 – Revelation & Daniel

What is more interesting than our past than our future?  The whole reason we learn about the past is so that we can understand the future.  The book of Daniel mainly follows Daniel and the supernatural events that surrounded his life, such as his 3 friends who were thrown into a furnace and were miraculously unharmed, Daniel in the lion’s den, interpreting dreams and heavenly messages, and angelic visitations.  The book of Daniel ends with an angel telling him about the future when the messiah and the man who we call antichrist comes.

The book of Revelation is the most interesting and probably the most debated book of the bible. It mainly focuses on the futuristic events of what will happen in Heaven and Earth, sometimes by being literal and sometimes by being symbolic.  It focuses on the church and their tribulation, the Anti-Christ ruling the world, plagues on the world, the messiah taking the world back, the resurrection, hell, and eternity.  The book of Daniel and Revelation are very closely related in topic.

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