The following are sections of the website that are currently in the making.  If you have any ideas or suggestions of things to add to this site, or would like to contact me for any other reason, write to


April 7, 2014 Note:

Hi everyone!  The site is doing well so far and growing.  So far, it’s just been one guy working on this site.  I’m looking for help with posts on media and other stuff.  It’s hard to balance posting content for topics, reviews, and making chords for hymns and other worship songs.  On top of that, i’m now recording MP3s for the topics and am working on a study bible (gospels first).  I’ve also got a job and am expecting an addition to the family soon.  Wow.  Anyway, any help is appreciated, and any suggestions are welcome!


Study Bible

Expect an online study bible with annotated references coming soon to this site!  It will take a long period of time for me to make this happen, so subscribe to the RSS Feed so you can read along as each chapter is submitted!  The goal is to first complete the gospels and have the first ever annotated audio study bible.  Then, I would like to complete The New Testament, and finally the Old Testament.  There will be a personal paraphrased translation, perhaps similar to The Message.  Finally, I’m planning on making a “harmony of the gospels” with a reference map and the harmony combo itself, which would be all of the gospels packed into one with the verses quoted in the heading for reference.


Discussion Board

A discussion board that will hopefully be integrated with facebook so that anyone on the site can post a topic or question.


Review Board

This section will have a couple categories…  The first general category will be reviews of study tools such as iphone apps, computer programs, websites, and study bibles.  The second general category will be reviews of worship songs and hymns, not so much the sound, but the message they send.  Why review hymns or worship songs?  Because people form doctrine based on them, regardless of if the hymns are biblical or not.  I’d like to pick some out and show how some are biblical with references and some are not, and also to explain what state a person must be in to sing certain worship songs/hymns.  An example of that is… one hymn makes a person out to be a sinner, another makes a person out to be sanctified.  But if a person is perfected and holy in Christ, they can’t sing about how they are unclean, because Christ has made them clean.  On the other hand, an unclean person can’t sing that they are clean.