Misty Edwards ETERNITY Album Chords

Track Song Rating Chords
1 Break The   Chains KEY   – D KEY   – G
2 Until The   Day Breaks KEY   – C KEY   – D KEY   – G
3 Oh   How We Want You To Come KEY   – G
4 Eternity KEY   – C KEY   – E KEY   – G
5 Simple   Devotion KEY   – D
6 Just   In Time KEY   – D KEY   – F KEY   – G
7 All   That I Want KEY   – C
8 Vow KEY   – C
9 Let   Me Love You More KEY   – C
10 Isaiah   49 KEY   – D
11 Only   A Shadow KEY   – F
12 Glance KEY   – C


Eternity, 2 1/2 of 5 Stars

Misty Edwards is one of my favorite worship artists.  The instruments and melodies that she has in her songs are more unique than the typical worship song.  On the other hand, sometimes she gets a little too “romantic”, singing in a way that I feel only a woman would do with a man.  She also has a “prophetic” style, which sometimes interrupts a song, and sometimes IS the song.  I give the Eternity a 48% based on 29/50 stars.  Of course this is just my opinion, but here are the reasons why I scored the way I did.

01 Break The Chains – (Ok) 3/5 – Not a bad song and its catchy.
02 Until The Day Breaks – (Good) 4/5 – Good song.  I think I remember Vineyard singing this.
03 Oh How We Want You To Come – (Ok) 3/5 – Good chorus, but the rest is just random readings.
04 Eternity – (Good) 4/5 – Slow but catchy and biblical too.
05 Simple Devotion – (Bad) 1/5 – Too feminin, men can’t sing it, no real chorus, blah.
06 Just In Time – (OK) 3/5 – An alright song.  The bridge is kinda cool.
07 All That I Want – (Bad) 1/5 – Probably made for the morning when you wake up, but it’s groggy.  I would rename this song “worship hangover”, because that’s how it makes me feel.
08 Vow – (Ok) 3/5 – Too romantic/mushey.  Slow dance with Jesus…
09 Let Me Love You More – (Um..) 2/5 – Kinda catchy, but doctrine wise I think it’s funny what she says, “let me love you more” like He only lets us love Him so much and limits us.
10 Isaiah 49 – (Bad) 1/5 – She basically holds Bm for half the song and reads, NOT out of Isaiah 49 but Jeremiah, Zechariah, etc.
11 Only A Shadow – (Um..) 2/5 – Too much reading, and the reading is weird.
12 Glance – (Um..) 2/5  – Mushy romantic, plus at 02:17 there’s a mouse click

Eternity – iTunes

Misty Edwards Website

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