Homosexuality – Why Jesus Never Talked About It ---

Homosexuality – Why Jesus Never Talked About It

Homosexuality – Why Jesus Never Talked About It Jesus never talked about homosexuality.  Some people think He thought being gay was alright and that He wasn’t against it because He never directly condemned it.  However, He also didn’t say anything was wrong with bestiality (having sex with animals), but we know that’s not right (Ex 22:19 & Deut 27:21). First, understand that homosexuality isn’t a feeling, but an action.  God doesn’t judge anyone based on what they feel, but on what they do.  If a person feels gay all their life but doesn’t do anything gay, then there’s no way they could be judged as a gay person.  If someone loves football but never picks up the ball, then they’re not a football player.  If a Christian “loves Jesus” but doesn’t do what He says to do, then they’re really not Christian (Luke...

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Skeptic’s Annotated Study Bible Review ---

Skeptic’s Annotated Study Bible Review

 Biblebro Rating  Skeptic’s Annotated Bible  Quality 33%  Doctrine: (2/10)  Atheism  Notes: (5/10)  15,000 Notes?  References: (3/10)  KJV   The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible Author: Steve Wells, an x-Christian.  Nothing more is written about him personally in his book except “When I was a Christian, I never read the bible.  Not all the way through, anyway.  The problem was that I believed the Bible to be the inspired and inerrant word of God, yet the more I read it, the less credible the belief became.  I finally decided that to protect my faith in the Bible, I’d better quit trying to read it.”    Study Note’s Information Year published: 2012.  Website: www.skepticsannotatedbible.com and www.dwindlinginunbelief.blogspot.com Versions: KJV (because he thinks old English sounds funny and makes the bible seem more...

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Top 10 Most Interesting Books of the Bible ---

Top 10 Most Interesting Books of the Bible

This is my top 10 list of which books of the bible I found most interesting and why! What books of the bible are the most interesting?

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Why Use a Study Bible? ---

Why Use a Study Bible?

Why Use a Study Bible? If you get the right study bible, you’ll learn more than you ever could have by listening to a preacher.  Reading the notes portion of a study bible is like reading the bible with a friend who helps answer your questions verse by verse, and it’s important to pick the right friend(s). I’ve compared study bibles, and it’s interesting to see that the notes of 2 different study bibles can be complete opposite in opinion.  That’s why it’s important to not just rely on one study bible for all your answers, but to compare different study notes.   How to Use a Study Bible Study notes are designed to be read from the beginning of a book/chapter, to the end of that book/chapter, with every note being read.  The author of the study notes certainly made the notes by going straight through a chapter or a book instead of hopping around, sporadically putting notes on certain verses.  This became clear to me when I was reading a study bible and saw that notes format of one book was one way, while the format changed in another book.  The author of the notes didn’t hop around from verse to verse, so we probably shouldn’t...

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