Son of God Movie (2014) Review ---

Son of God Movie (2014) Review

Son of God Movie (2014) Review The Son of God movie was pretty good.  When it comes to gospel based movies, you’ll never get one that is JUST like the bible.  Everyone wants to add things for clarity.  On the other hand, if you compare this movie to other movies in the theater, then it might not measure up well.  This is a movie that will make sense to Christians due to familiarity with the bible, but not so much to non-Christians.  It’s because of the bible that I liked it, and because of the bible that I find things I didn’t like.  It’s better than what comes on TBN though, that’s for sure.  Presently on Rotten Tomatoes, the critics gave the movie a 25% and the audience gave it an 80%.  I myself would probably give the movie a 70-75%.  Obviously the audience on Rotten Tomatoes were more so Christian and the critics, maybe not so much.  This is my review from a Christian...

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Skeptic’s Annotated Study Bible Review ---

Skeptic’s Annotated Study Bible Review

 Biblebro Rating  Skeptic’s Annotated Bible  Quality 33%  Doctrine: (2/10)  Atheism  Notes: (5/10)  15,000 Notes?  References: (3/10)  KJV   The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible Author: Steve Wells, an x-Christian.  Nothing more is written about him personally in his book except “When I was a Christian, I never read the bible.  Not all the way through, anyway.  The problem was that I believed the Bible to be the inspired and inerrant word of God, yet the more I read it, the less credible the belief became.  I finally decided that to protect my faith in the Bible, I’d better quit trying to read it.”    Study Note’s Information Year published: 2012.  Website: and Versions: KJV (because he thinks old English sounds funny and makes the bible seem more...

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