Lazarus Raised (Animated) ---

Lazarus Raised (Animated)

Lazarus Raised (Animated) This is an animated video of the death and resurrection of Lazarus taken from John 11:1-44.  This reading was taken from the Contemporary English Version (CEV) translation.  It’s not bad quality, though I do not agree completely with the translation.  By choosing these verses alone and not including Jesus’ situation from John 10:39, that many people were trying to kill Jesus, this animation makes it look like Jesus waited for 2 days just so that Lazarus would die so Jesus could resurrect him.  However, by the time Jesus and the apostles knew Lazarus was sick, it was too late; he was already dead.  How we know that is because Jesus waited for 2 days, took a 2 day journey to Bethany, and when He arrived, Lazarus had been dead for 4 days (John 11:39).  If Jesus would have left to heal Lazarus as soon as He received the message, He probably would have been killed.  Still, if Jesus would have left the same day He received the message, Lazarus would have been dead for 2 days by the time He...

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