Skeptic’s Annotated Study Bible Review ---

Skeptic’s Annotated Study Bible Review

 Biblebro Rating  Skeptic’s Annotated Bible  Quality 33%  Doctrine: (2/10)  Atheism  Notes: (5/10)  15,000 Notes?  References: (3/10)  KJV   The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible Author: Steve Wells, an x-Christian.  Nothing more is written about him personally in his book except “When I was a Christian, I never read the bible.  Not all the way through, anyway.  The problem was that I believed the Bible to be the inspired and inerrant word of God, yet the more I read it, the less credible the belief became.  I finally decided that to protect my faith in the Bible, I’d better quit trying to read it.”    Study Note’s Information Year published: 2012.  Website: and Versions: KJV (because he thinks old English sounds funny and makes the bible seem more...

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