Misty Edwards RELENTLESS Album

2007 Relentless ALL CHORDS chords for all songs on the Relentless album
Track Song Rating  
1 Finally I Surrender KEY – D  
2 My Soul Longs For You KEY – D KEY – G  
3 You Won’t Relent KEY – E KEY – G KEY – D
4 All Consuming Fire KEY – E KEY – G  
5 Between the Cherubim KEY – A  
6 Light of Your Face KEY – C KEY – G  
7 People Get Ready KEY  Gm  
8 My Confession KEY – D KEY – G  
9 I Will Waste My Life KEY – B# KEY – A  
10 Strings KEY – C  
11 Servant of All KEY – D  
12 Mystery KEY – C  
13 Let Me Love You More KEY – C  
14 Garden KEY – C  
15 Dove’s Eyes KEY – D KEY – G  

RELENTLESS – 4/5 Stars

In my opinion, this is probably Misty Edward’s best album.  It’s definitely a must have.  I give the album an 80%, which is super high for an entire album.  Usually there are some songs that bomb, but even the least song on this album is still ok.  Here’s how I rated each song and why:

01 Finally I Surrender – Pretty Good (3/5) – An ok start for a great album.
02 My Soul Longs for You – Great (5/5) – Simple worship song with a great melody
03 You Won’t Relent – Awesome (5/5) – It’s a musical masterpiece, and probably her best song
04 All-Consuming Fire – Great (5/5) – A chorus that is very catchy
05 Between the Cherubim – Great (5/5) – Rock on!
06 Light of Your Face – Good (4/5) – Calm build, and it’s biblical – but the “Let me feel it” part is kinda weird
07 People Get Ready – Ok (3/5) – Prophetic song, better than “As In The Days of Noah”
08 My Confession – Good (4/5) – Cute melody; I can dig it.  “I will follow the lamb”
09 I Will Waste My Life – Awesome (5/5) – I love this one. It’s got something like a Chinese melody in it.  My only complaint is that in the beginning some instruments are played in the left speaker and others in the right speaker; disorienting to hear with headphones.
10 Strings – Ok (3/5) – a mellow song
11 Servant of All – Ok (3/5) – Catchy
12 Mystery – Ok (3/5) – Parts are catchy
13 Let Me Love You More – Ok (3/5) – Better than the version on the Eternity Album, but the lyrics are the same, of course, and it’s not one of my favorites.
14 Garden – Awesome (5/5) – Rock on!
15 Dove’s Eyes – Good (4/5) – Sweet song


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