How the Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God Are The Same!

The KOG and KOH are interchangeable and 100% the same with no difference.  Matt 19:23-24 is a perfect example of them being the same.  The KOH is only used in Matthew, but is called the KOG in the following verses below:

mountain kingdom



Matt 3:5 John says repent, KOH at hand
Matt 4:17 Jesus says repent, KOH at hand Mark 1:14-15
Matt 5:3 Blessed are poor, theirs is KOH Luke 6:20
Matt 5:10 Blessed are persecuted, theirs is KOH
Matt 5:19 Called least in the KOH
Matt 5:20 Be better than Pharisees to enter KOH
Matt 7:21 saying “Lord Lord” won’t enter KOH
Matt 8:11 Sit with Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob in KOH Luke 13:28-29
Matt 10:7 Disciples preach KOH at hand Luke 9:2
Matt 11:11 Least in KOH greater than John Luke 7:28
Matt 11:12 KOH suffered violence
Matt 13:11 know the mysteries of the KOH Mark 4:11 Luke 8:10
Matt 13:24 KOH like man who sowed good seed
Matt 13:31 KOH like mustard seed Mark 4:30-31 Luke 13:18
Matt 13:33 KOH like leaven Luke 13:20
Matt 13:44 KOH like hidden treasure
Matt 13:45 KOH like merchant seeking pearls
Matt 13:47 KOH like net
Matt 13:52 KOH like treasurer with new & old
Matt 16:19 I will give you the keys of the KOH
Matt 18:1 Greatest in KOH like little child
Matt 18:3 Be like child to enter the KOH Mark 10:15 Luke 18:17
Matt 18:4 Humble like child greatest in KOH
Matt 18:23 KOH like servants who owed king $$$
Matt 19:14 Allow children, such is the KOH Mark 10:14 Luke 18:16
Matt 19:23 Rich man hard to enter KOH Mark 10:23-24 Luke 18:24
Matt 20:1 KOH like man who pays workers same
Matt 22:2 KOH like wedding
Matt 23:13 You shut up the KOH against men
Matt 25:1 KOH like 10 virgins
Matt 25:14 KOH and the talents

5 Times the KINGDOM OF GOD is mentioned in Matthew

Matt 6:33 Seek first the KOG Luke 12:31
Matt 12:28 I cast out devils by God, KOG has come Luke 11:20
Matt 19:24 Easier for camels, than for rich to enter KOG Luke 18:25
Matt 21:31 publicans and harlots go to the KOG
Matt 21:43 KOG taken from you, given to gentiles
Matt 16:28 Some of you shall not taste death until you see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.”
Mark 9:1 & Luke 9:27 uses KOG instead of “His kingdom”, which means the KOG is Christ’s!

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