Glance – Misty Edwards





I remember the first glance, I remember the first romance

I remember the first dance, When I fell in love with You

When I fell in love with You, When I fell in love



I thought that I would never know love

And maybe I would never know touch

And then You came and awakened me

And then You came unlocking me


I’ve never known a love like this

You’ve shown the truth behind the myth – The mystery



When it’s all been said, When it’s all been done

When the race is run, And this life overcome

I will remember Your love, I will remember Your love

I will remember Your love, I will remember Your love




Related Bible Verses

No directly related verses as in other songs, though the “glance” is probably taken from Song 4:9, and the “race” from Hebrews 12:1.


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